You can obtain several benefits by using the YPayBills system to pay all kinds of debt or bills. This is not about acquiring loans or getting into further debt.


Start participating using our YPayBills system by fulfilling a few requirements, and quickly see amazing results of what is offered. Please review this section.

How does it work?

YPayBills is the easiest and fastest system available to pay your debt or bills. Learn more on how this amazing system works, and soon join others that live life without debt.

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Who is behind YPayBills?

About Us

“TruInnovator Technology ( was founded in 2010. TruInnovator Technology is the company that built the concept of YPayBills with the primary objective of providing users with a mechanism of paying portions of their bills. This process helps users reduce debt faster and avoid accumulating additional fees due to high interest rates on their accounts. The website was launched in July 2014. However, the TruInnovator Technology management team has been working together with our attorneys, software developers, graphic designers and web designers since 2012 in order to build the solution that is available today”...

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It’s Real! YPB paid my Bills! So Easy.

YPB Testimonials!!

YPayBills is a unique method that can help anyone in this Economic Crisis. I started participating with just a few clicks. I recommend sharing a group with several friends on Social Networks for faster results. One person is guaranteed to win!

Ligia Herrera (CEO LIGIA SHARE)

I can definitely see how YPayBills can change anyone’s life. I have spoken to many people who live paycheck to paycheck. Using YPayBills can give a person the freedom to save money from their paycheck if they are selected in a group because YPayBills pays a portion of their bill.

Julio Mayorga (User)

I am college student and will be obtaining my degree soon. My student loan debt will be high. If I earn a student loan payment using; I can payoff my student loan fairly quick.

Jerry Herrera (Student)

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Inside YPayBills

YPayBills is simple and a great option to earn a bill payment. The following are key areas to understand within our website:

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