#YPayBills is an alternative solution that helps users reduce their bills. How you may ask? Well, YPayBills.com provides a platform where multiple users can participate to earn a bill payment. YPayBills guarantees that a user in a group will receive this benefit when a group where one or more users have participated has been completely filled with YPB‘s.

What is your risk? Many may say this website is a scam, however it is not a scam. Have you ever seen that classic #McDonald’s “#Monopoly” game and wondered who wins? Have you ever seen proof that someone wins millions in prizes after so many of their ads on TV? I have won a free cheeseburger, fries and maybe even an apple pie. However, how many can claim they have earned millions in prizes. It must be tough and the odds are slim. Millions in prizes is not really a benefit if the odds are not that great! The only benefit I was able to confirm is that anyone can gain a few extra pounds after purchasing so many meals just by trying to gather all of the stickers on their fries or drinks.

YPayBills.com has proof of sending a bill payment to our users, and these are reasons why you should trust our website:

1) We have already sent payments for a few of our online users. We send a payment “Payable To:” the company where the user owes. When the user receives our payment; Guess What? That user is able to save money by not having to use the amount required to pay their regular monthly bill. That’s right! YPayBills sends a payment amount for the user.

2) We don’t need you to apply for a loan or run a credit check. What does that mean? We NEVER require a users “Social Security Number” at any time! We don’t need it, and this type of information will never be at risk to be lost!

3) We never store “Credit Card” information anywhere or at any time on our website? Users submit these types of payments using “PayPal”. “PayPal” is a system that has already been validated by many users.

Why continue to pay monthly bills with minimum amounts if these contain high-interest rates? Are you helping yourself or helping those companies that hold your loans? If you continue to pay your bills like this; then you will owe money to them FOREVER!

Earn a Bill Payment on YPayBills.com and let us pay a bill for you! We may pay a higher amount than your regular payment, and you can avoid fees due to high-interest rates by paying your debt earlier than expected! 

Everyone would like to be free of debt! Learn how on our website and good luck! Let us know what you think!


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