I always wonder if anyone really analyzes these questions. I understand we need to protect the environment, and going paperless will help. However, I don’t believe this is critical to keep our environment stable. Many other things are going on in the world that damage our environment even more. Such as:

  • The need for oil.  
  • Destruction of trees to build homes, roads, buildings, etc. for profits without planting trees in surrounding areas to at least compensate the impact these changes will cause in the future.
  • Polluting our sea.
  • War
  • etc.

   This is a subject that can go on and on but let’s focus on the original questions of this blog. Who are you really helping with this decision? Is it for your benefit? It probably would be if the other causes mentioned above were also not occurring at the same time but this is not the case.


   In my opinion, “Going paperless!” is really only benefiting multi-million corporations.Think about it? Just imagine how much money you are actually helping these millionaire companies save and they are not providing any help for you in return.  Let’s review the following example:


   Scenario: (Bank of America, Capital One, Chase, Verizon, Honda, etc.) all profitable organizations.


   Explanation:   Let’s assume the cost of each monthly statement they send to your home is broken down as follows: (Note: Please bear with me a little if my prices are off as these are only used as an example.)

  1. Envelope: $0.20
  2. Stamp: $0.45
  3. Paper: $0.35

Total = $1.00


   Let’s not even consider the cost of labor involved to pay an employee to compile this information prior to sending it to you, the cost of energy spent in an office, the cost for hiring more employees to support this effort, the cost of an office computer, the cost of software (Licenses and Maintenance fees), etc.


   Let’s stick with the fact that it only cost them a single $1.00. Now, let’s assume they only have 10,000 customers in each State. (This is most likely a low number too). That would save them at least $500,000.00 dollars a month at approximately 6 million dollars a year. A large saving amount just by having 500,000 customers go paperless nationwide.


Per the above; are you actually helping them save with this decision or, are you helping the environment?


   Are you receiving help from these corporations? Should you receive help since your decision to go paperless is helping them save? If you were jobless; do you think “Bank of America” will say John Doe do not worry about paying your mortgage, and by the way all late fees will be waived.”? I doubt it!


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