#YPayBills has a simple definition: Why Pay Bills? 

Many people (myself included) would like to wake up one day without worrying about which is the next monthly bill payment that needs to be sent. Many of us live pay-check to pay-check without ever seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

YPayBills is the only platform that will allow you to say one day “Why Pay Bills?” or “Why Pay another Bill ever again?

All of us have gone through periods in our lives where we’ve been told to believe that the solution may be:

·         Refinance your home.

·         Consolidate your loans.

·         Transfer your credit card balance to another account with lower Interest rates.

These all sound like great temporary solutions but then something unexpected happens! (i.e. Your car broke down, Your home needs an emergency repair, A medical expense, etc.) What else happens next?

Yes, you are back to the cycle of living pay-check to pay-check again!

YPayBills is not a complete solution but it is definitely an alternative that may help! How? It’s simple! Say you and a few of your friends decide to purchase a $1.00 of our YPB virtual credits each month. Everyone adds these credits to one of our “Bill Payment” groups. When a group is filled with YPB’s a user that participates in this group by adding these credits will be selected automatically by our program.

Let’s assume you were selected in a group that pays $500.00 towards a credit card bill. You only added a $1.00 of  YPB credits and obtained a bill payment service of $500.00. 

YPayBills send that payment for you! Say it with me: “Why Pay Bills ever again?YPayBills can help you!


Learn more by creating an account for FREE at www.YPayBills.com

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